Friday, September 22, 2006

Pens that Bling

Yesterday was a great day , filled with good food and good deals.
The start was a little shakey. Our original plan to go to Ikea was changed to a trip to Oshawa and some one who was suppose to come, coudn't, due to her 2 year old having bad pains in her tummy. (it was heart breaking to watch)

Once we arrived in Oshawa we decided that Chucky Cheese would be a great place to eat since we did have 3 little ones on board. Though, if we were totally honest, we went there for us. After some awesome Pizza with salt and pepper (debbie couldn't have it any other way) we played tons of games and won tickets, collectively we had 94 (finding one after redeeming them) and cashed them in for a sucker and small toy.

Then it was time to hit the mall. While there I shopped for accessories and had great success at a place called "ICING by claires". For those of you in SJ who dont have this store its the Big GIrl version of Claires. I purchased 3 neclaces for $7 (A Good deal in my world) and a ton of Pens.

These pens were set up at the check out (sneaky check out people) and they were only 99 cents. This is a price that is hard to walk away from especially when the pens are brightly colored and adorned with rhinestones. Now tell me what girl does not like pens that bling !?

I decided that the pens would make adorable gifts and bought 8 of them. If you recieve one of these pens from me please do not be offended by its small price tag. Instead, know that I love you and was thinking of you while spending my money. If you do not recieve a pen from me, also do not be offended as I probally don't normally give you gifts anyway. Plus I'm not made of money and can not justify buying 20 pens. However, I do still love you.

To complete our day out we had ice cream (death by chocolate for me) topped off with sprinkles. I then snoozed the whole way home. ( I only snored once)

The day was good and left me feeling exhausted and refreshed all at once.

I hope you enjoyed my reading about my day as much as I enjoyed the day itself


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Retail Therapy.. by Doctor's Orders

Today Chris and I were visiting with our Obgyn and she informed us that we have officially had our second miscarriage and then proceeded to ask what day is good for us to schedule my surgery. I informed her that tomorrow is bad because I have been planning a trip to IKEA with some of my dear gal friends and she said.. "You Go! Absolutely " She agreed that i was due for some solid "Girl time and Serious Retail Therapy"

On top of that I was blessed today with a gift of $25 from another dear friend to go toward the purchase of "something cute and completly useless" for myself from IKEA.

So before me lies a full day of healing through shopping and the exciting task of finding something cute and useless (shouldn't be too hard).

I will blog again to let you know what I found and how my first therapy session went.
Love you all


Friday, September 15, 2006


As most of you know, Chris and I have been waiting for some test results for a good week and a bit and thankfully will be recieving them sooner than later.
During this period of time though, I have discovered yet again that I am not a patient person and am very quick to jump to conclusions, most ofte assuming the worst.
I have been struggling a great deal with my own level of faith and trust.. I Have faith, believing that God has the best intentions for me and will see me through whatever comes our way. I don't seem to have much trust though that it will be okay.
I get that God will make all things good for his Glory, but I don't trust.. at least I dont think I trust enough that it wil be okay with me. Does this make sense to anyone?

Im sure in a few days it will all make sense to me and I may regret my vulnerability,though like Reed said, we have a safe group of friends with whom we can bare our souls.

Thats enough for now

Filling in Space

This post is dedicated to my dear sweet Husband. He has graciously guided me through setting up this lovely new website which I totally did not want to do (only because I couldnt come up with a name).

Anway he asked me tp enter a second post so that an empty space on my site could be filled (he's very picky when it comes to web sites).

This should just about fill that space so I am now going to tend to more important things like photo albums and lists of friends, you know the routine.

thanks for putting up with my sarcasism and slight attitude. Im sure the Lord will convict me and I will go back and change some of the site.


Comment this!

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