Friday, October 27, 2006

Lots has happened

Okay so I had said I would blog often and I haven't. For a while I didnt have much to blog about and then I got really busy and simply didn't have time. Now I do, and have lots to say.

I have a new job now working from home "YEAH!". The Lord has heard my prayer and delivered me from Subway.
Don't get me wrong. The people of Subway treated me well and who's to say that I won't ever work there again. You just never know.

I am now working for Foundations as the Programmer and Fundraiser. My job title only describes a part of what I do but it will have to do as we can't think of another title. I will be working with them until the end of March and I started this past Monday. I was officially Hired on Tuesday of last week and was training my replacement the very next day.
It seems that I am replacable.. sigh... Actually the whole thing couldnt have been planned any better if I had done it myself.

I was meeting with Capt. Paul just the other day and we decided that it didnt make sense for me to persue a job as a parish based youth leader right now as it would take me away from the ministry that I am already involved in here in Centre Hastings.
Shortly after a different sort of job opportunity came up and I was in the midst of persuing it but unsure as it would ivolve alot of travel and only a few hours a week. I would have probably needed a second job.
As I was praying about this I was continuing my usual work at Subway and was thinking "Lord, I can't do another winter of napkin folding!". I then carried on and went home at the end of my shift.

When I got home I had a phone call (right away) asking me if I want a job ( a grant from the governement kind of job)
Of course I said yes! And that was it.. I was hired...

So now, I am working at Foundations.
THanks for reading
Jen- former Sandwhich artist