Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Princess and her Kiss

We are reading this story at Girls Bible Study tonight. It's about a loving king and queen who present their daughter with a gift from God, her first kiss, to keep or to give away. The wise girl waits for the man who is worthy of her precious gift. Where is he and how will she ever find him? It's a great parable for saving yourself for marriage.
I am excited for our girls to hear it and am looking into purchasing the study guide called "Life Lessons From The Princess and the Kiss"
This has 21 lessons in it that we will follow covering the gift God has given us and why it is important for us to Honor God with that Gift. The books were written for girls who are very young but is adaptable for all ages. I am soooo excited about these Studies.. I just want every girl to know that She is a Daughter of THE KING.. she is a PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!