Saturday, May 26, 2007

Packaging Cheese...

SO I finally have something to blog about now. Though it almost seems that blogging is a way of the past since Facebook has taken over my life.

I work at the Ivanhoe Chees Factory. I am still very new at this job and am trying to decide if I am factory material. I am a task oriented person and have a list of task that need to be accomplished in a day is actually something I like. As we finish each order and work our way down the list it is very rewarding. It's nice to be able to measure what i have done that day.

I must say, this job has given me a whole new perspective of hard working people who dedicate thier whole lives to this form of employment as a means to support their families. Cudos to you Dad.. You are a dedicated man and I never appreciated your sacrafices until now.

Getting up at 4am to be busy at work by 5am is a whole new thing for me and it has taken some time for me to adjust. Unfortunately I havent been very gracious with my husband when I get home and have actually been a little cranky on occasion in the last 2 weeks.
Ok I have been alot cranky.. and pretty unbarable at times. God Bless that man!!!

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paul said...

its almost true, oh facebook your so addicting... but i still use my blog, mainly because I use it to keep in touch with those who want to know what's up, so fear not Jen, some of us still read blogs.